Wood Stove Pipe

The efficiency of a wood stove pipe varies from one stove to the other and yet this efficiency is very poorly understood by people in terms that it is meant for heating the home with the use of wood. The efficiency of open fireplaces is typically 10% while the efficiency of Wood Stove Pipe is around 30% and 50% and the modern wood stove pipes can even reach above 90% efficiency.

Wood Stove PipeWhat is wood stove pipe efficiency?

In simple words, it can be said that wood stove pipe efficiency is a calculation or measure of the amount of chemical energy produced by the firewood is found in the living room of an individual which is also compared with the chemical energy that goes out of the room through the chimney. In order to measure the efficiency of wood stove pipe, it is important to control all the conditions very carefully and in reality one can carry out this method only in an environmental testing laboratory. Chemical energy that is found stored in wood can be measured very easily. Most of the wood types that are found in the market possess ratings in BTUs per cord. There lies some variation between various species of trees but it has to be remembered that every kilogram of dry wood consists of similar amounts of energy and in order to measure the amount of chemical energy going into the stove, it is important to weight the wood that is supposed to be burnt in the wood stove. Calculating the amount of heat transfer in a room is pretty difficult. One can achieve a figure that is quite reasonable by taking the measurement of the air temperature in various places and the speed of the air because of convection. Therefore it can be said that the efficiency of a wood stove pipe is the energy percentage that is transferred into the room which is comparable with the total amount of wood burnt in the wood stove pipe. Such figures can never be calculated at home and therefore it is very important to have a clear understanding to the rated efficiency o a Wood Stove Pipe from the manufacturer of the wood stove pipe. Generally it has been found that wood stove pipes of older style consisting of airtight stoves are said to be less efficient and those wood stove pipes that are imported in a cheap way also possess low efficiency and his efficiency is sometimes as low as 20% to 30%.

Factors affecting the Efficiency of Wood Stove Pipe

The factors that affect the efficiency of a wood stove pipe can be distinguished into two main categories and they are:

•    Those having a strong effect on combustion that is how well the wood gets burnt.

•    Those that have a strong effect on the amount of heat that gets transferred from the wood stove into the room where it is placed.

High Efficiency Stove Pipes- A Good Investment or not?

Wood stove pipes that have a very high efficiency that is more than 90% are a bit expensive because of the fact that the design of their interiors is a little complex but their quality is very good. This can be considered as a very good investment if a lot of heating or some part of the heating is done by the use of firewood. Firewood costs can be managed and even controlled if the efficiency of a wood stove pipe is more than 90% during the heating season. But people who look forward to buying a wood stove pipe for some evenings every year then they should always go for the cheaper options available in the market because such cheap wood stove pipes would serve to be adequate for the people. There is one thing that should also be taken a note of and it is the high efficiency of a wood stove pipe. Wood stove pipes with great efficiency are considered to be very good for offices and commercial buildings but not for homes and therefore care should be taken while going for the choice of efficient wood stove pipes.