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The Best Way to Install a Wood Stove Pipe

There can be no comparison with wood fire irrespective of the fact that whether it is directly from a wood stove or a fireplace. Yet, people always look forward to the ways in which they can get more amount of heat out of both the methods in order to keep their home or their cottage heated. Generally people look for those methods that they can use in getting more heat out of a wood stove pipe in order to heat their home. Nowadays, there are a lot of fittings, accessories and tools used to make wood stove pipes efficient enough in heating certain areas without any kind of difficulty. Wood stove pipes are considered to be very efficient in heating homes and furnaces and they can even be used for baking. However, before going for the purchase of a wood stove pipe it is important to have a clear idea about the methods that can be used for the installation of wood stove pipes.

Wood Stove PipeInstalling a Wood Stove Pipe

There are various factors that are required to be considered while trying to install a Wood Stove Pipe. First of all it is very important to keep in mind that the wood stove pipe in set on a good and proper flooring type. Wood stoves are generally found possessing a chimney or a pipe that carries out the work of channelizing exhaust or smoke outside. Finally, it is also important that wood stoves should be set at a safe distance from walls that are erected by the use of combustible material. The installation of a wood stove pipe is considered to be very difficult and complicated and therefore special care should be taken while trying to install a wood stove pipe. Many a times, it would be a good idea to go for hiring a professional who is an expert in the installation of wood stove pipe.

The steps included in the installation of wood stove pipe

The very first step of wood stove pipe installation is getting hold of that perfect place for the installation of the stove. It should be taken care of that the wood stove is not set on combustible or flammable material like hardwood or carpet. Materials such as concrete and ceramic tiles can be used for safety because they do not catch fire very easily. The wood stove should not be placed close to walls. The wood stove pipe is considered to be the most important part of the wood stove and it is important for the pipe to be made of steel in double walls. It means that the stove pipe should be large enough and larger that the pipe that carries smoke from the stove. It is also important that the stove pipe is not very close to unprotected wall and it should also not pass through any kind of combustible material through the roof.

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